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Our commercial painting services provide customers with quality and integrity the first time around. Offering on-site and remote estimates. ECS is dedicated to our customers and delivers exceptional service one brushstroke at a time.

Painting Services Offered:

Exterior Painting

At ECS our technicians are experienced experts at exterior painting. From prep work to priming to trim to final coat we have the state-of-the-art product knowledge to ensure your business is painted perfectly. Adding value to your business and your building, we will communicate with our customers on a personalized comprehensive level, understanding your needs and vision for the painting of your entire exterior.

Interior Painting

Whether you are painting one room or planning a complete remodel our expert interior painters can help you achieve the look and feel you are aiming at for your business. With over 4,000 color options to choose from ECS will help devise a plan that sticks to your decorating style without breaking the bank. Visualizing with you the result of your interior painting needs, ECS will deliver with your vision in mind.

Wood Siding & Decks

Overtime weather and normal wear and tear make decks and wood siding look tired and old. At ECS we understand wood inside and out. We will restore your wood’s finish with state-of-the-industry products drawing the oils in your wood from the inside, creating a natural long-lasting shine.

Wallpaper Removal

Old outdated wallpaper can throw off the feel and look of an office or retail space. Wallpaper is also a very hard substance to remove. Our experienced technicians will give great care when removing your business’ wallpaper leaving a wall ready to prep and paint. Take a look at our painting services and make it a one-stop-shop.

Benefits of Re-painting your commercial space:

Boost Morale & Productivity

Attract New Customers With New Colors & Branding

Stand Out From the Competition

Increases Property Value

Increases Your Property's Lifespan

Brand Your Business with Personalized Colors

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