Commercial & In-Home Assembly

Assembling memories for your business and home.

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Affordable Commercial & In-home Assembly

Leave the assembly to us, while you build memories.

At ECS, trust isn’t just a word; it’s a fundamental value we uphold. Whether it’s assembling crucial equipment for your commercial enterprise or putting together a bike for your child, we understand the immense responsibility entrusted to us. Safety is paramount for your business, home, and loved ones, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our team at ECS is dedicated to getting the job done right the first time. With expertly trained technicians who prioritize safety and efficiency, you can rest assured that our builds will instill confidence and peace of mind.

In-Home Assembly Services

In partnership with Walmart stores, ECS stands out as a top-tier assembly service provider in their nationwide ASP program. Over the years, our dedication to bike and exercise assembly has established us as the number one choice for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective service. ECS also serves as an assembly provider for JB Hunt and Aubuchon Hardware.

At ECS, we understand the importance of assembling items that contribute to lasting family memories. As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in our role in creating experiences that will endure a lifetime.

  •  Bicycle Assembly
  •  Grill Assembly
  •  Patio Furniture
  •  Furniture Assembly
  •  Exercise Equipment Assembly

Commercial Assembly Services

Building your business is your job, assembling your inventory is ours.

At ECS, our top priority is assembling your inventory swiftly and efficiently, enabling your customers to purchase and drive away with fully assembled, reliable products on the same day. We’ve established trusted partnerships with Walmart Home Office, JB Hunt, and Abuchon Hardware, and have been entrusted with assembly services for over 500 stores. Our track record with a major box retailer and Fortune 1 company speaks volumes about the professionalism and efficiency of our assemblers. When you choose ECS for your commercial assembly needs, you can rest assured that we will deliver results for your business with precision and reliability.

  •  Patio Sets
  •  Grills
  •  Bikes
  •  Exercise Equipment
  •  Ready to Assemble Furniture
  •  Display cases
  •  Custom Displays
  •  Fixtures
  •  Display Modules
  •  Bulk Furniture
  •  Play Sets
  •  Power Lawn Equipment
  •  Steel Shelving
  •  Secured Shelving
  •  Display & Storage Shelving

Benefits of Professional Assembly

ECS uses the correct tools for the job.

Less chance of damage

We keep safety first.

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